Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations :
The college lays utmost stress on the formation of sound character and any act of contravention of the same will be taken serious note of.

The principal shall have the power to dismiss any student from the college, if in his opinion his/her continuation in the college is not desirable in the intrest of the discipline of the college.

In academic matters, the rules and regulations framed by the principal from time to time shall have to be strictly adhered to by all the students of the college.

Willful damages to the college, books, furniture, water and electrical installation etc., will have to be paid for. Such loss/damage will have to be made good by the student concerned or by all the students of the class concerned as the case may be. The decision of the principal is final in these matters.

Students shall not invite any outsider to any college function without the prior permission of the principal.

No meeting or party should be held in the college premises without the approval of the principal.

The use of Tobacco, Alcohol and drugs in any form is forbidden in the premises of the college. Students violating these rules are liable to be severely punished even with suspension or dismissal from the college.

Scholarship and fee concession are available to students according to government rules. All scholarships and fee concession are subject to the satisfactory progress, conduct and attendance. Endowment prizes are also given to meritorious students by the management.

Letters addressed to the students of the college are subject to the scrutiny of the principal. Students should not give the college address for any personal correspondence.
The friends and relatives of the students will not be allowed to meet the students while they are in class. Phone calls will not be given to the students. However in case of emergency, the message will be conveyed to the students.

Admissions are made on year to year basis depending on the basis of progress, attendance and conduct during the previous year.

Irregularity in attendance, frequent absenteeism, habitual inattention, continued inefficiency in regard to class work, lack of courtesy towards the members of the Staff, insubordination, disorderly behavior, obscenity in word and acts etc., these offences are liable for punishment by any one of the following depending on the gravity of the offence:

a. Warning and intimating the fact to the parent/ guardian.
b. Fine.
c. Loss of attendance.
d. Cancellation of scholarship, free ship etc.
e. Suspension for a definite period.
f. Expulsion or dismissal.

Mobile phone is prohibited in the college so also in the campus.

A suggestion box is kept in the college. Suggestion of any kind can be confidentially brought to the notice of the principal.

Students should not gather in front of the main gate either on morning or afternoon session or during free hours.

The students shall wear the college uniform compulsorily.

The students shall wear the chest card and possess the identity card in the college campus.